The check-out is unfortunately only in Hungarian, but here you can find a little help for this difficult language. ;) 

  1. put the item in your cart
  2. click on „tovább a pénztárhoz” (right hand side you can find it)
  3. choose „új vásárló vagyok” (I’m a new customer) and „vásárlás regisztráció nélkül” (shopping without registration)  after that press TOVÁBB
  4. than you write your family name -->  your first name--> your phone number --> your e-mail address --> you choose your country (Amerikai Egyesült Államok is USA, Egyesült Királyság is UK) -->your zip code --> your city --> your address : number and street . These are all marked with a red star in the corner. Do not care with the other. After press TOVÁBB
  5. now you choose the delivery method: choose „személyes átvétel” (it means local pick up, but like that I can send you an exact paypal invoice about p&p ) press TOVÁBB
  6. now  you choose payment method: choose „átutalás” (it means banktransfer . I will issue a paypal invoice because it is easier) you can also pay with „bankkártya” (by card, but than the site takes you to the payment site of my bank, where you have to face again the  Hungaian language)
  7. now you tick the little cube (you understood the T&Cs aka the „vásárlási feltételek”) and press „MEGRENDELÉS”

That's it! You have ordered your favourite items. If in any case you just can't do it, contact us and I can help you but believe me, YOU CAN DO IT! ;)